How To Get Free Swagbucks – Earn SB Easily

free swagbucks

More than 60% of the world populations access the internet almost in a daily or weekly basis. Some do it for fun; others access the internet to shop. At the same time, some go online due to the demands of their job. How would it feel if someone told you, you could get paid for doing the things you do on the internet? With the Swagbucks website, this is more than possible.

There are different ways of earning free Swagbucks, and some of these ways are listed below:

1. Complete The To-Do List

On the left-hand side of the Swagbucks site, there is a daily-to-do list that you can complete to earn points. This is easily accessible, and it is worth your time as it takes just a few minutes, and in exchange, you are rewarded with daily points. The number of Swagbucks you get on completing your daily to-do list highly depends on the golden survey completed. The listed amount of SB Points you can earn is 20SB while the highest you can earn is 150SB.

2. Watch Videos

The good thing with the phones we are using today is that we can find dozens of things at a go. If you are feeling bored, you can decide to watch the Swagbucks videos. Apart from enjoying the video, you will also be rewarded with SB points. Watching Swagbucks videos on your phone allows you to multitask than you would do using a desktop.

If you allow the app to run continuously, you will earn a maximum of 40 Swagbucks every day. It is, however, important to keep checking your device as the videos might pause. You will, therefore, need to click play to continue watching again.

3. Play Games

As the video is running in the background, you can decide to keep yourself busy with Swagbucks games. To ensure you don’t download things into your device, choose games with lowest SB first. This will allow you to play games with three flashes on the site.

With time, you can decide to go to the higher-paying Swagbucks games, but you have to be ready to download and install some apps into your computer. With the three Flash games on the site, you will earn 30 SB points in total since each game earns you 10 SB points.

4. Complete The Basic Daily Goal

The basic daily goal is usually 30SB. Once you manage to pass this target, you will receive 3SB as a bonus. Since this is given every day, you can take advantage of it to earn more points.


Apart from the ways mentioned above to get free Swagbucks, you can also decide to do more tasks. Some of these tasks include; taking golden surveys, shopping online, redeeming Swagbucks and many others. The most common among all these is taking surveys. This was the first way of earning SB points on Swagbucks Hack and is one of the best of earning most points. Answering gold surveys can earn you 50 to 400 SB points.